Finance and Funding

Wetlands International - Oceania operates on a project basis and obtains project funding from a range of sources

Scope and type of business operation

Wetlands International - Oceania actively pursues an agenda for wetland conservation consistent with Wetlands International's global goals and targets as set out in the Strategic Intent 2005-2014 (see Main Site). Within this framework, it pursues funding opportunities on a project basis, as offered by a range of funding bodies.

Therefore, in the financial sense, Wetlands International - Oceania is a project-based organisation. At any point in time, it is operating a number of projects that include funding components for project expenses and for the costs of professional staff engaged in the project work.


However, the constitution of Wetlands International - Oceania (see Governance) distinguishes the organisation from consulting firms that operate to make a profit. Unlike some conservation NGOs, Wetlands International - Oceania does not have a public membership base from which substantial donations may emanate.

Despite the constraints of this mode of operation, the technical staff of Wetlands International - Oceania are generally able to make un-funded contributions to appropriate wetland initiatives. The extent to which this is possible depends on the financial position of the organisation with respect to secured projects for the current financial year.

Sources of funding

Wetlands International - Oceania is grateful to many funding bodies for their financial support. These include government agencies, conservation-oriented foundations and international organisations. Major funding sources to date have included: the Australian Government; the State Governments of Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory; the MacArthur Foundation; Keidanren Foundation; and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

A compehensive list of funding sources may be posted to this site in the near future.

Financial accounting and reporting

Wetlands International - Oceania operates on an accrual accounting basis and its financial year is from July to June. It is required under Australian law to submit audited, annual financial accounts to the company's annual general meeting and to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The company auditor is BDO Nelson Parkhill (Sydney) and the company accountant is Nexis Accounting (Canberra).